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The Listening Post 

Photo: Tamara DayleThe Listening Post Photo: Tamara DayleArtancestral

ClaudeA. Morin

Artiste Céramiste

Moose Jaw, Sask., Canada


Sask Craft Council Gallery

Description of the Exhibition:


Grandfather’s Teachings of a Meadowlark


Within the lodge (tipi) during our wedding ceremony my wife and I listened to the Cree creation story. This and other encounters with First Nation and my grandfather’s teachings were a source of my introspection and transformation.


Within the mist the Spirits of the cosmos united. In this ethical milieu, space and time aligned with these omniscient Beings to continue their mysterious journey. This milieu now comprises All.


Together we remain witnesses to nature’s movements and cycles. The invisible exists within the movement of forms, the rustling of trees, the flowing of grasses and the whistling of wind. Grandfather rock who encapsulates ancestral memories, still speaks softly. Within constant decay and disintegration comes rebirth.


I remember the springtime song of the meadowlark, the diviner who advised my ancestors. Her song still calls us to action; a call to end our attachments and unbridled ambition. We should listen to the council of nature’s Beings and surrender to the generosity of our Mother Earth. They can help untangle the barbs of existence which imprison. They can heal our confusion and reestablish our relationships.


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Photo: Tamara DaylePhoto: Tamara Dayle